Shake it like no one is watching

Getting everyone on the dance floor at your wedding is probably the most fun part about planning a wedding. It’s the best part of the night where you get to dance off every bit of stress you had leading up to the most important day of your life with your partner.

Here are some tips to guide on what you should keep in mind when picking your playlist with you DJ or Band.

  1. Think about your guest preferences.
    Work closely with your DJ or Band to pick the songs for your guests, think about who is coming to your wedding. Chances are that your grandparents are not going to love the same songs as your college buddies.
  2. Be realistic about your song choices
    Even though you and your partner met in a mosh pit of a metal concert, you won’t be able to realistically recreate that moment on your wedding day without causing a few injuries.
  3. Play a little bit of everything
    When you dance around the house, you generally listen to your go-to songs, but this time think about adding a variety of songs that appeal to all guests, ages and backgrounds.
  4. 4.Slip in a few of your favorites.
  5. If your preferred music is alternative or it doesn’t have a mainstream following, include your favorite songs in the wedding playlist, it is after all your day.
  6. Pay attention to the volume.
  7. Overly loud music makes it difficult for your friends and family to hear each other, that’s why we suggest that you request a reasonable volume, especially during the cocktail hour and dinner but thereafter, you are fully licensed to let it go just like Elsa did in frozen.
  8. Create a “do not playlist”
    Let your DJ or band know if there are any songs or styles of music you really don’t want played or want to avoid altogether, maybe you just prefer skipping the Cha-Cha Slide and that’s perfectly fine, just make sure your DJ or Band knows what exactly to avoid.

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