Setting the Scene

There are so many little things to consider when choosing your wedding venue and this is one of the most important things to decide on once you decided on your dress and theme. It is always about making it as comfortable and stress free for both of you.

  1. Is the venue available
    This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Some wedding venues are booked years in advance, especially around holidays or for particularly special days such as Valentine’s Day.
    If your venue of choice is not available on the date of your wedding and you’re dead set on holding your wedding ceremony or reception there, you will either need to change your wedding date or search for a new venue.
  2. Is the size appropriate for your guest list
    Picking a venue that is the right size for your family and friends on both the bride and groom side is important and very essential part of your planning for the big day.
    The last thing you want to do is have your guest sitting cheek to cheek because your venue was too small for the guests you are inviting.
  3. Is it friendly to your budget
    There are countless venues to choose from for your wedding, and some will be more appealing. However, the reality is not every venue will fit within your budget and we always recommend that you visit our website or our social media pages to look at our current venue’s that always having promotional offers.
  4. Is there nearby accommodations for guests?
    Always make sure that you have a venue that can offer accommodation for your guests that travel far and also consider that South Africa does not tolerate drinking and driving. It’s one thing to hold your dream wedding in a charming castle or country estate, but if your guests are unable to enjoy themselves or drive to far it will make the special day that you want to share with them a bit difficult. Always keep the safety of your guests at forefront of your decision making.
  5. Is there in-house catering?
    Whether you are going to serve a full four-course dinner or have some type of buffet with snacks, you need to know if the venue you are looking at has an in-house catering service. If they do, can they provide you with menu options to suit your guests, including vegetarians, gluten-intolerant guests or those with religious food requirements. Trou SA always recommend the venues that we affiliate with has in house catering – makes your life easier and less stress for the day.
  6. Is access to the venue easy?
    Is the venue you are looking to book easy to find? Will that cause unnecessary frustrations to the wedding party and the guests. Most of the venues on our books has map locations and with Google maps or Waze it is always a good idea to put location details on your invite.
  7. Is there sufficient parking?
    Is there adequate parking for all of your guests? If parking is lacking, Again, there are safety concerns too, as you don’t want your guests getting frustrated with no parking available. Most of the venues in South Africa very safe and secure and always have parking options.
  8. Are tables, chairs, and other essentials provided?
    When choosing your venue, don’t assume everything you see in the pictures is included. Most venues supply chairs and tables, extra costs may be involved when it comes to dance floors, cutlery and glasses as well as table decorations and linen. And not all venues will provide these things, so be sure to ask what is included and what you must source yourself – create a list to ensure you check all the essentials.
  9. Can I serve alcohol?
    So as strict as our South African law around alcohol people want to celebrate and serving alcohol is part of the entertainment. Most venues will have liquor licenses so should not be a concern to you. Also, check if you can bring in your own alcohol. Many venues don’t allow you to bring in your own alcohol.
  10. Are there back-up plans in the event of an unexpected weather incident?
    When it comes to having your wedding in the garden be sure to ask whether there are any wet weather options in the event it rains or is too hot or a storm develops. We suggest you look at weather circumstances depending the time of the year you want to get married. Most of our preferred venue suppliers will be able to guide you with indoor or outdoor and offer you a marquee as option for any rainy day. But we cant’ take away that most of our venues have beautiful gardens to make this day special.

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