Popular flower trends for 2020

When your wedding planning begins the list of things you need to do become overwhelming, that’s why when you get to the part where you get to fill your lungs with the smell of flowers and treat your eyes to all the beautiful colours is such a relief.

Picking the right flower arrangement is the only part that might just be a little stressful, that’s where we come in. We stayed up all night and searched every trendy website and Instagram account to find you 5 of the most popular blooms will accompany you down the aisle this year.

  • Trailing flowers

This is a new trend as it makes the venue feel alive, as if you are dinning in under a hanging garden. It also gives the tables a sense of intimacy.

  • Petite Bouquets

This trend is being seen more and more with the likes of Kate Middleton also going for this style. Small, white, scented and pretty flowers that compliment the dress instead of competing with it.

  • Take it home

This is a sentimental trend that has taken over, one that gives the flowers a more special reason. “Gift wrapping” the flowers and sending it home with them so that they can enjoy them for longer instead of letting all that beauty go to waste.

  • Flowers in the hair

Adding small soft flowers in your hair adds just enough sophisticated detail to draw attention and create the feel of a veil without having to wear one.

  • Greenery walls

After Christian Dior’s wall of lavender set the wedding industry alight in 2017, it seemed like every party had a flower wall. For 2020, forgo the flower wall for a fresh decor alternative like greenery walls, filled with ferns, fruits, herbs and more.

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